What Will Passage Of The Ordinance Cost?

Essentially nothing, there will be no need to add enforcement officers because the ordinance is designed to screen out offenders before the contract is awarded instead of pursuing them after the violations have been committed. Enforcement for most of the provisions is provided at the State level. The Responsible Bidder Ordinance simply requires bidders and sub-bidders to demonstrate that they can comply with the specifications written into the bid documents. If they are not able to, their bids will not be considered.

Is The Ordinance Legal?

The first Ordinance to "Further Define Responsible Bidder" in Illinois was adopted by Winnebago County, on May 12th 1994. From that point it was adopted by numerous other Counties, Villages and Cities until December 31, 2003 when Governor, Rod Blagojevich Signed HB3048, making it Public Act 93-0642 an act that amended the Illinois Procurement Code to include "Responsible Bidder" language on state construction projects.

  • Click Here For Information On Public Act 093-0642. (PDF Document)

  • How About A Sample!

  • Click Here For A Sample Responsible Bidders Ordinance. (PDF Document)

  • Click Here For A Sample Responsible Bidders Resolution. (PDF Document)

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