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Sprinkler Fitter (Updated November 2010)

Sprinkler Fitters install, repair and maintain all types of fixed piping and automatic fire protection systems.

Length of Apprenticeship:

Five (5) years—Minimum of 1,080 hours of classroom study.

  • Apprentices attend a 40-hour orientation.

  • For approximately five years, apprentices spend one day every other week in the class room and four days receiving on-the-job training.

  • Wage Information:

    1st 6 months: 40% of journeyman wage
    2nd 6 months: 45% of journeyman wage
    2nd year: 50% of journeyman wage
    3rd year: 60% of journeyman wage
    4th year: 75% of journeyman wage
    5th year: 85% of journeyman wage
    Journeyman Level: 100% of journeyman wages


    Health insurance (after 600 hours) Pension after first year completion, Vacation Immediate.

    Basic Requirements:

  • Must be at least 18 years old.

  • Must have a high school diploma or a G.E.D. Certificate.

  • Must pass a physical exam.

  • Must pass a drug test.

  • Must pass an aptitude test.

  • Must pass an oral interview.

  • Working Conditions:

    Sprinkler Fitters conduct 90% of their work from ladders and scaffolds. They work in all kinds of weather conditions.

    Recommended Preparatory Classes:

    Algebra, geometry, mechanical and architectural drawing, shop and physical education classes.


  • Must be able to lift heavy objects.

  • Must be able to work at high levels on ladders and scaffolds.

  • Work Experience:

    (Helpful, but not necessary for acceptance.) Any type of construction site work is beneficial as well as work done in a pipe supply house or experience with welding of any kind.

    Entry Process:

  • Must pass aptitude test.

  • Must pass oral interview.

  • Eligibility test is formed according to the scores of the applicants.

  • Once accepted, applicants must pass a drug screening and physical exam during orientation week.

  • Contact:

    Sprinkler Fitters & Apprentices Union Local 281 Training
    11900 S. Laramie
    Alsip, Illinois 60658
    Phone: (708) 597-1800


    Bill Dalton

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